The last week I had terrible migraines. My boss and I were talking yesterday and he said ‘you haven’t been wearing your glasses lately’. Penny dropped big time! I keep leaving them at home by mistake. I went home at 1pm yesterday and wore them until I went to bed (so I used them on the computer, phone and watching tv). This morning migraine has gone completely 

Now they do not leave my bag!
Absolute lifesavers!!!!

- Rebekah Megson, Bombay, New Zealand - 



I run an online marketing business where every member of staff is on computers for most of the day. After giving each of my staff a pair of Nikki Dawn glasses, they've reported back that their eye strain has dramatically reduced (some days without any at all) which makes them more productive at work and more alert in the afternoons. I have also noticed that i get to sleep easier and better quality sleeps when i wear them compared to the times that i don't. 

I would highly recommend these glasses to anyone who spends a lot of the day working on their computers, and to other employers for their staff

- Yusuke Inui. Business Owner. Auckland, New Zealand -



I used to wear the chunky orange blue blockers that looked like something you would wear on the ski fields.... but since getting me a pair of Nikki Dawns that actually look good and suit my face, I have been able to wear them during the day and closer to bed without seeing orange everywhere. Makes a huge difference being able to watch tv or scroll on my phone without trying to make sense of normal colours on the screens

I love them

- Amanda Lauria, Melbourne, Australia -



I love them! My eyes would sting and burn after a short amount of time at the computer and I would have to step away for a while. These glasses help me to focus longer and don’t irritate my eyes. Stoked!

- Sian McCartney. Auckland, New Zealand - 



I bought some of these glasses to try out as I often got tired dry eyes, even headaches sometimes from spending hours on my computer studying and working as an accountant. Its actually amazing how they work! They protect my eyes from the glare of my screen and lighting. I can work much longer and my eyes never feel tired or strained anymore. Bonus too that I think I look pretty good in them haha ;p. Thank you Nikki Dawn! I highly recommend these to everyone that regularly finds themselves in front of any type of screen #protectyourassets

- Shanti Jackson, Auckland, New Zealand -



These glasses are amazing! I got a pair a couple of weeks ago, since wearing them I am finding I get to sleep at least 20mins earlier. My wife has also commented that when I wear them I look more intelligent! 

Logan Campbell. Whangaparaoa, New Zealand -