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Stylish Rounded, slightly aviator style frames.

Unisex designer eye wear.
Glasses for the digital age.
All our ranges are gender neutral - because well; individuality  

Our Lees Range is offered in 3 colour options

  • Black
  • Gold 
  • Silver

One size (truly) fits all
Measurements: (coming soon)

In this new digital age, our eyes are over exposed to harmful blue light causing a number of short term and long-term issues such as sleep disturbances, dry eyes, tired/blurry eyes, and permanent retina damage decreasing the strength of our eyes as we age and time goes by

Even the new LED lighting we use in our homes are exposing us to more blue-light than humans are designed for – although it’s great for the planet (and keeps power usage at a minimum) it’s doing more harm to our eyes…    Read here to find out more about how this works.

Use these glasses to filter out this light, so we can continue to save the planet with energy saving light bulbs, and use our digital devices while knowing your eyes are being protected from being glued to that screen for (probably) too long, and having the comfort knowing you’ll still be able to get a good nights rest.


Shipping is free to anywhere in New Zealand ($10 for the rest of the world).

Change of Mind:
We know that choosing a pair of glasses can sometimes take a couple of goes – so we accept exchanges for change of mind. (*conditions apply)

10-day Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you’ll love these, and know you’ll soon be able to realise how much damage is actually being done by the time you feel the almost instantaneous soothing effect these glasses give your eyes. 10-Day complete money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose. *


*providing the glasses are not damaged and in original condition, within 10 days of receiving.